Hi, I'm Adrien

TL;DR Programming for 8 years, PHP / Symfony / Docker / Bash developer, self-taught and self-employed as a freelance developer.


Even though I studied electronics, I quickly got a glimpse of what can be achieved through programming. I started with VBA on excel to automate a few things and rapidly discovered the simplicity of PHP.

While I state that I am self-taught, it is mostly true but I did attend 8 months at AFPA (a french course leading to a diploma) to better understand the basics of OOP, MVC and so on.

Since 2014 I've been here and there (Marseille, London, Bordeaux) but my programming skills were mostly focused on PHP using Symfony. I started with PHP 5.3 and Symfony 2.3.

After some time, and some experience, I felt the need to be better at architecturing my code and so begins my focus on Best Practices. What are those you asks ? I've learned that each their own but I would summarize it like this : it is what allows you to quickly and painlessly identify a bug. Whether it is a functional or technical one.

Regarding the infrastructure, I am always eager to use and learn more about Docker. Easiest and painless way to set up something quickly. Either via a simple docker compose up or through swarm.


Wine, Books, Games, Video Games, Movies, Shows and of course my Family.

Young father of a little girl, my whole family work in the wine industry. We have a winery in the southwest of France in Saussignac (near Monbazillac).

Reading is for me a way to stimulate creativity. I tend to prefer Fantasy books (Lord of the Rings, Eragon, The Riftwar Cycle, The Sword of Truth, ...) while I prefer movies inspired by true stories (Hidden Figures, The Imitation Game, The Best of Enemies, ...) or french comedy (Le diner de cons, la citΓ© de la peur, ...).

Real fan of games such as Escape Game (in person or likes thanks to Unlock!) and classic video game franchise : Zelda, Baten Kaitos, Tales of, ...

Finally, I'm one of those dads that loves to play with my (very) little girl and take pictures of every moment of her growing up.

If you would like us to work together : short term contract, punctual problem solving, coaching. Do not hesitate to contact me !